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So Much More to Say About Switzerland: Seraina Speaks!

Switzerland has long been known as a place of scenic beauty, a country that has produced incredibly precise timepieces as well as delectable chocolates. But not many are aware that there is So Much More from Switzerland - and entrepreneur Seraina Peter is working to change that.

The woman behind the e-commerce hub is set to share her experiences on the dynamism of modern Swiss culture, industry, and products in a bid to foster better understanding of this small but amazing country. Basically, introducing the contemporary face of Switzerland.


Seraina Peter Helvetia and Sons


Seraina, an alumna of the University of Zurich, is a staunch advocate for the promotion of Swiss product quality as seen in the So Much More From Switzerland ethos upon which she has built the brand Helvetia and Sons. In doing so, she fosters cultural understanding through a broad selection of hip Swiss brands  something that is gaining much headway in today's online marketplace.

Having Seraina speak of her experiences to you and your team is bound to be an enlightening experience. What she shares will give listeners key insights with the current market trends in Switzerland and the modern side of the country.

Likewise, Seraina's talks can also be a learning experience for those who want to take the next step and set up their own venture. She also believes in women empowerment through entrepreneurship, convinced that women can rise to today's challenges and excel in their respective fields.

Our Keynote Menu

1. Helvetia and Sons: Switzerland is so much more than Chocolate and Roger Federer
2. Swiss Sustainability: Its all about Durability and Longevity
3. The Modern Switzerland: Current Market Trends and their Makers. Experience a Nation on the Move
4. Starting a new life and a new business as Expat in Asia

... and of course we are very happy to do a tailor-made talk just for you!


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Seraina established a successful career. She worked more than ten years with multinational companies – of which 8 years in Asia. Thanks to her vast Asia experience in market expansion and growth, she helps Swiss lifestyle brands to conquer new markets.

Always willing to share her experiences, Seraina is available to speak virtually and in-person at functions.

To discuss possible engagements, please email us: hello@helvetiasons.com