I wasn’t satisfied with my purchase from your store. Can I return the item to you?

Yes; however, you will need to make your own arrangements to return the items in question to us.


The clothes/shoes I bought from your site don't really fit. Can I get a replacement?

Yes. For shoes or clothing, you can exchange items within ten days from the date of purchase.


I need corporate gifts / tokens of appreciation for my employees / souvenirs for a conference or event. Do you do corporate packages or giveaways?

We do have quite a selection of possible giveaway items or corporate gifts. We do suggest, however, that you email us at hello@helvetiasons.com so that we can have a better understanding of what you need for your event so that we can help you choose the best possible products. For Swiss corporations in Singapore our bestselling items are the little Trauffer Cows – just to give you some inspiration!


There is a particular brand/product from Switzerland I would like to buy/have shipped to Singapore. Would this be possible with you?

We suggest that you drop us a line via hello@helvetiasons.com so that you can tell us exactly what brand or product you have in mind. In this way, we can help you source it and discuss shipping procedures and costs.


Can I have my order/items gift wrapped?

Of course! We can wrap or pack your gifts in the most beautiful packaging and even add lovely greeting cards designed in Zurich to your order with a special message from you. Whatever you need, just add a note to your order, email us, or drop us a PM via Instagram.


I noticed that some of your items are quite expensive. What is the reason for the higher prices?

All of the items we have on offer are designed in Switzerland using excellent materials and crafted to the highest possible standards. The cost of shipping these in directly from Switzerland is also factored into the price of each item. We take pride in every product we import and try to make sure that you will be pleased and satisfied with every purchase.


Do you ship to countries other than Singapore?

Yes, we offer shipping to customers in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. For countries other than those mentioned, please email us at hello@helvetiasons.com and we are happy to check other possible shipping solutions.


How much do you charge in terms of shipping fees?

For in-country deliveries, shipping is free for orders over SGD 50.00. For Malaysia-bound orders, shipping will cost SGD 15.00.


How soon will I get my order?

Within Singapore, please allow three to ten business days for delivery. In the case of pre-ordered items, we hope to deliver within the shortest and most reasonable timeline and will regularly update you on the status of your order.

Also, in the event of oversold items, we send an email advisory to assure affected customers that we are working on the issue and will send regular updates regarding the order status.


I live in Singapore. Would it be all right to just pick up my order from you?

Yes, and you can actually save on shipping when you do so. If you're already within the River Valley area, send us a message and we will have your order ready for pick-up. In case the value of your purchase is less than SGD 50.00, message us so we can send you a Free Shipping code.


If I have any questions or concerns, how do I get in touch with you?

Send us an email at hello@helvetiasons.com to let us know what you need, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Last but not least: WHO IS HELVETIA?!  

Helvetia is to Switzerland what Marianne is to France and Lady Liberty is to the United States: the female personification of the country’s soul and spirit. She is depicted as a tall and stately woman clad in flowing robes, a shield in her left hand, a spear in her right, and her hair plaited into a crown encircling her head together with a laurel wreath. Today, Helvetia’s noble and graceful figure is etched into Swiss coins and postage stamps. Read more...