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Helvetia and Sons: So Much More From Switzerland

Whenever anyone thinks about Switzerland, the first things that people have in mind are – invariably – fine watches, utility knives, chocolate, cheese, and whimsical objects like cuckoo clocks. This is a great pity: there is so much more from Switzerland that meets the eye!

This is what prompted us to start Helvetia and Sons, a unique retail concept that brings the best of modern Swiss lifestyle brands to the heart of Southeast Asia. We want to show the world that there is more to Swiss products than the usual items that most people know – and our offerings include products that are among the best in the categories of home-ware, personal care, and fashion for both children and adults.

Each item we carry on our online retail platform represents impeccable Swiss attention to detail, high standards for quality, and a longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. In doing so, we at Helvetia and Sons aren’t just making people more aware that there is more to Swiss products than the usual: we offer high-quality products that make life more enjoyable wherever you may be.

It all started in Singapore

Helvetia and Sons is currently based in Singapore where we offer a growing array of products online via helvetiasons.com.

“Why Singapore?” you may ask. The answer is quite simple: not only is was our base of operations for the past years, but it’s a country that echoes the cosmopolitan, multicultural vibe that we grew up with in Switzerland. The vibrant diversity – a naturally curated blend of Eastern and Western cultures – reflects the dynamism of the people who produce the products that we carry: people who believe in moving forward, making things better, and producing exceptional items that will provide long-term enjoyment and satisfaction to those receiving them.

What Do We Have for You?

Like we said: Helvetia and Sons is not your typical Swiss retailer.

The brands we carry are a carefully considered selection of products that are enjoyed by the current generation of Swiss nationals: products that combine a heritage of exceptional craftsmanship, innovative thinking, and sustainable practices in terms of materials and production methods. Carrying them in our inventory is our way of introducing our country’s latest – and best – products to the world: tangible proof of what Swiss creators and entrepreneurs can offer in different aspects of modern living.

Along with our popular scented candle line and other items under the Helvetia and Sons brand, we also offer products from the following Swiss brands:

  • Caran d’Ache
  • enSoie
  • Meyer-Mayor
  • On Running
  • Petit Stellou
  • Soeder
  • Tiger Swiss
  • Trauffer
  • VIU Eyewear
  • ZigZagZurich
  • Zimmerli of Switzerland

Our product lineup includes house-ware in the form of beach towels, plush throws, and pretty-and-practical kitchen towels; fashionable sneakers and sunglasses; children’s accessories and toys that call to mind blissful childhood days in the Swiss motherland; stylish men’s underwear and an extensive selection of sustainably-made bags and purses; stationery; and exquisite natural toiletries that can easily rival some of the world’s best. Whatever you need, check us out: we are sure to have a Swiss product that is perfect for you.

We Go Beyond Retail to Tell Our Story

Aside from being ambassadors for modern Swiss brands, we are – in our own little way – an ambassador for Swiss culture in this part of the world.

Through our regular lifestyle features, we want to give visitors to our site a closer look to Swiss culture in the 21st century, enabling them to experience our unique mix of tradition and modernity in daily living, to travel virtually – given today’s unusual circumstances – to the natural majesty of the Alps and surrounding environs as well as our cities, and to have a deeper understanding of the Swiss way of life and our longstanding commitment to comfort and quality.

2022 and Beyond: join us on our journey

In late 2022, Helvetia and Sons founder Seraina Peter made her way home to Switzerland as she gets ready to embark on the next phase of her online journey.

With her return to Switzerland, Seraina and her team are poised to amp up Helvetia and Sons' offerings by including a lot of new brands to the store's already stellar roster. In doing so, the team remains committed to its goal of offering So Much More From Switzerland to customers in Asia while expanding its reach beyond continental borders.


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