Sweetly Sustainable: The Best for Your Baby by Petit Stellou

Sweetly Sustainable: The Best for Your Baby by Petit Stellou

Around a decade ago, entrepreneurs Christelle Müller and Vera Maag found themselves thinking about the products that they used in caring for their children when they were very small, and what impact these had on the environment and if the people behind these products were treated kindly and paid fairly.



Despite the fact that their own children had grown up, these ladies wondered if there was a way by which baby basics could be produced more sustainably and under fair production conditions. This would make them safe not only for infants, but for the environment, as well.

That said, Petit Stellou opened its doors in 2012 to offer a beautiful line of baby products all designed in Switzerland that are wonderfully soft and cuddly, but also produced under Fair Trade standards using the finest sustainably sourced materials and adhering to strict standards for quality and safety.


Evolving With Time

Today, Petit Stellou is best known for its wonderful “Nooshi” collection. Nooshi is a Swiss German word for a cotton cloth, traditionally used as diapers. Nowadays,  every Swiss baby gets a Nooshi to cuddle and comfort. Its smell of home or a beloved person gives the baby courage, comfort, strength and hope.



Over the years, the collection has grown to include blankets, cuddles, and bibs to keep babies happy and comfortable from mealtime to bedtime. Available in a rich and happy array of colours, these are a visual and tactile delight for kids and parents alike 

Likewise, the brand has expanded its product line beyond its signature collection to include a range of plush toys to keep baby company as well as amber necklaces for little ones.



Throughout its evolution over the past decade, Petit Stellou has, nevertheless, remained true to its ethos of offering fine items to help you make happy memories with your baby all while helping keep the earth safe for generations to come.

A Very Special Giveaway

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