We look into the soothing and purifying qualities of sage and how it can smoke out the negativity of the past year and bring in a more positive outlook for 2021

Smudging with sage has become a common practice among many people, but most especially those who feel a bit more stressed than usual or who feel a strong negative energy in a room or home.

It may seem like a thoroughly modern, New Age thing, but the use of sage for purifying spaces of negative energies and for soothing the mind after a stressful experience is something that goes back centuries in many Native American cultures. Tribal shamans would light bundles of sage branches and twigs to rid ritual grounds or medicine-men’s tepees of ill-will and pessimistic thoughts as well as malevolent spirits. Medicine-men would also burn sage along with other herbs like copal as well as cedar or pine resin to sanitize areas where they would treat sick or injured patients. 

It would be easy to dismiss this as mere superstition, but modern medical science has proven that there is merit in using sage smudges or diffusing sage oil through burners or candles. Sage-infused smoke or steam releases ions into the air, changing its chemical composition into something which helps boost the mood and reduce the effects of stress on both mind and body.

As we are moving into the Lunar Year of the Ox, Chinese traditions call for the cleaning of homes and the purification of spaces in order to purge away the negative vibes of the past year and to welcome the good vibes of the new. In which case, sage-infused scented candles would be an appropriate gift for friends and family.

Given the stresses we all faced because of the way the pandemic hit us in 2020 and how we need to keep our spaces clean and fresh, lighting sage candles to usher in a new year is both symbolic and prudent: a harbinger of hope to light a clearer path out of these challenging times.



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