Sage: Purifying Spaces for Luna New Year

Sage: Purifying Spaces for Luna New Year

It’s an herb that has long been known for its purifying and soothing properties. In today’s post, we talk about how you can use sage to clear out the negativity of 2021 and usher in positivity for 2022



The use of sage for purifying spaces of negative energies and for soothing the mind after a stressful experience is something that goes back centuries in both Native American and ancient Greek religious practices. Smudging – the act of setting a bundle of sage alight and wafting the smoke throughout the space – is an act of purification that was considered necessary for scaring off evil spirits and purging the minds of those in attendance.

It would be easy to dismiss this as mere superstition, but modern medical science has proven that there is a great deal of merit in using sage smudges or diffusing sage oil through burners or candles. Sage-infused smoke or steam releases ions into the air, changing its chemical composition into something which, when inhaled, helps boost the mood and reduce the effects of stress on both mind and body.

As we are moving into the Lunar Year of the Tiger, many of us are now busy cleaning their homes, essentially clearing out their personal spaces of negativity and ill feelings. As a traditional smudge might set smoke alarms off and, subsequently, spook the people around you, we recommend a safer and more modern way to bring the purifying and soothing qualities into your home: our exclusive Helvetia and Sons sage-infused scented candles. 


Sage Scented Candle

More than just a way of clearing your head or your own personal spaces, these lovely aromatic candles are also an appropriate gift for friends and family. Especially given the stress we’ve been constantly under since the pandemic first hit us, lighting sage candles is a symbolic gesture that enables us to meet a new year with a clear mind, an open heart, and a great deal of hope.

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