One of the more surprising things to come out of the pandemic is the way people have become more creative and expressive. That said, help bring your inner artist or designer out with some great tools and products to keep your imagination running and your creative juices flowing. 

One of the biggest challenges that we’ve all probably faced throughout the past years is how being stuck at home during lockdowns has led to a great deal of anxiety and other mental health issues for many people.

But if there’s one thing that can help, it’s being able to express yourself in a highly creative manner, allowing those bottled-up emotions to spill over onto a sheet of paper or the page of a notebook using a whole spectrum of tools ranging from high-quality writing instruments, pots of paint and a good selection of brushes, or even cutouts for a pretty collage.

We share a few ideas to help you perk up and have a brighter and healthier outlook for the future via self-expression using some of the finest products from Switzerland.

Helvetia and Sons Switzerland

 Keep a Journal

Have a lot to say but can’t find the courage to say them? Grab an empty notebook and start a journal. You don’t have to write in it every day, but feel free to add an entry every once in a while to help free and destress your mind. Also, it helps to keep a special pen just for filling in your journal – something to keep it separate from the pens you use for other documents.



The Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen (made in Switzerland!) and Office Gift Set would be a perfect way to get you aboard the journaling wagon and it comes in a pretty color that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Writing isn’t your thing, you say? We have that covered, too. The concept of bullet journaling – a mix of words and pictures presented with either collages or illustrations – has gained ground over the past few years and it’s also an excellent way to keep your kids occupied. Give them an empty notebook, a stack of old magazines, a pair of scissors (just be sure to supervise them), and some glue and let them tell you their stories in their own unique ways.


Colour Your Own Mandala

The patterns of a traditional mandala are seen as a great way to soothe frazzled minds as a means of active meditation. Mandala-inspired coloring sheets can be downloaded online while some modern-day coloring books offer a dizzying array of patterns to fill in. Caran d’Ache’s new Wonder Forest dual-ended colored pencils are just the thing to add the beauty of color to these soothing patterns.

Plate it Up

If food is your medium for self-expression, learning how to present it better at every meal – whether you’ve prepared it for the family or you’re eating alone – could be a great way for you to give your ideas free rein. There are many instructional videos currently available online and they’re fairly easy to follow.



But regardless of which celebrity chef or gourmet influencer you follow, we insist that you plate your meals on stunning Helvetia and Sons and enSoie ceramics that are bound to showcase the different textures and colors of the food.

Helvetia and Sons Gloria Plates


Beautiful dinnerware selections can help you on that score and the plates and bowls themselves are gorgeous examples of practical art.


Drop a Line

We may have email and text messaging these days, but nothing beats a beautifully handwritten letter or a postcard that tells a story of far-off places and events. In Europe and the UK, many people have returned to the practice of writing nice long letters and sending postcards to friends and loved ones to give them a more tangible way to communicate rather than yet another Zoom call.


Adding a bit of whimsy to your correspondence through visually striking stationery is always a good idea, and we have a good selection of What About Neon products that will add a brilliant pop of color and a contemporary look to each missive you send to friends and family.


Helvetia and Sons has an extensive selection of stationery and houseware that will enable you to let your imagination run free. Shop our site and experience "So Much More From Switzerland" today!