This month, we are casting the spotlight on Nina Egli, the talented woman who is the driving force behind apparel brand Family Affairs

With its beautiful, thoughtfully-designed, and incredibly comfortable clothes which range from gorgeous dresses and whimsical tops to inspiring T-shirts and playful hats, Family Affairs is a brand that just brims over with joy and fun.

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We recently caught up with Nina and discovered the interesting story behind her brand which she actually established with her mother Kaya.

What prompted you to come up with the Family Affairs brand?

I started Family Affairs with my mum who was a successful designer in the 60s and 70s. Among others, she worked for the Beatles! Her cuts were so great, so my idea was to bring them into the present with my illustrations as prints. We ended up starting a family business.

At the time, I'd had my own jewelry brand Toujours Toi for about seven years, and I loved the idea of expanding into the creation of an even more specific visual and emotional world for clothing.

Today, I run Family Affairs on my own. I currently focus on more casual wear which, to me, is wonderfully carefree and gives me a lot of freedom to create and use with my illustrations.

Casual apparel will always be a thing among people of all ages. In which case, what do you think sets your products apart from the competition?

I look at casual apparel in a way that it's a fantastic canvas to carry a positive and uplifting message into the world; one that makes the wearer feel good, as well as anyone who sees my pieces on the street. I love it when people smile at Amore or Liberté hats and I always want to share a feel-good statement with a sense of humor.

For you, what would the ideal outfit be for spring?

I love getting all my Family Affairs dresses and skirts from past seasons out again, such as the Paris Madras dress which I pair with our Peace cap in pink and flat delicate sandals.

What do you want people to feel when they wear your products?

I want them to feel like they are expressing their own individual vision through their clothing, that they feel confident and comfortable, and that they feel like their Family Affairs piece is a friend who always has their back.

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In a stressful scenario like the one we've been in for the past few years, how has your work helped you cope and how do you think your products are helping others?

I love this question! Work has always helped me cope because I can fully immerse myself in it and keep busy. To me, that is a great feeling. 

I want to create pieces for people that can connect people - conversation starters that draw people towards each other.  I also longed for the places that inspired my designs during that time: a happy memory of the beach on a sweater, or how you can wear France and Italy on your cap even though you are in lockdown.



I intend to give my customers support and fun and a hug in the form of clothing. I really believe that what we wear matters and clothing can become part of a success strategy for people, where they feel supported, or more confident, or just feel like they are being themselves.



Infused with a sense of fun, whimsicality, and a bright mindset, Family Affairs is a Swiss fashion brand that will certainly add a fresh touch to your casual wardrobe.

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