Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: Creating an Exquisitely Sustainable Self-care Experience with Soeder

Characterized by products that are proudly Swiss-made, Soeder’s philosophy of We Make Things Good is Spartan-simple, but speaks volumes of its commitment to quality.



Over the past year, there has been a boom in the sale of toiletries – particularly hand soaps and sanitizers – across the globe in the wake of the pandemic. But people aren’t just buying these willy-nilly the way they used to whenever they went grocery-shopping. Today’s consumers are savvier about what goes into the products they use to clean and refresh themselves. Nasty chemicals that irritate the skin are a major no-no, as are substances that are harmful to the health of both people and the environment. Going organic is au courant, but even this has pitfalls: how can you be sure that the “organic” product you’ve bought really is organic, works well for you, and is well-made?

For Swiss lifestyle brand Soeder, they’re in the business of making sure that their customers get exactly what they want: a soothing organic experience that helps them feel clean both inside and out.


From Zurich to the World

Founded in 2013, Soeder is a new player in the field of luxury toiletries and has been compared to other organic or natural global brands like Australia’s Aesop and Ashley & Co. from New Zealand.

The Soeder brand may be familiar to travellers riding first or business class aboard Swiss International Air Lines as its products are included in the toiletry kits or offered for use in its passengers’ lounge at Zurich Airport.

More than being an ambassador for a new generation of Swiss-made products for a discerning global market, Soeder prides itself on keeping their products organic and production practices sustainable.

Operating from Ankerstrasse in Zurich, and having their own factory in Schwerzenbach, where also brands such as La Prairie produce, its simple motto We Make Things Good is rooted in the company’s commitment to:

  • Produce durable and reliable lifestyle products that are good for the environment and suitable for the people who use them;
  • Offer items that have a timeless design and made to the highest possible quality standards; and
  • Use the very best materials in items made according to sustainable and ethical practices.



Soap  and shampoo, in particular, are the brand’s signature items, though it does offer an excellent aloe-based hand sanitizer that is highly effective against harmful germs without drying out your hands, as well as a great line of sustainable apparel that features expert styling and eco-friendly materials. More than that, each item imparts a heavenly scent on your skin that is almost akin to walking through a flower-filled meadow or a lush green forest in Switzerland.


What Makes Soeder Different

Made in the brand’s own factory, Soeder’s toiletries do not contain any artificial additives such as synthetic fragrances and colorants. Instead, honey and wheat-derived emollients are what gives each product a luxuriant feel on one’s skin, while the scents are delivered by carefully selected essential oils that make washing up and pampering a most pleasant experience. 

Plus, the use of plastics in packaging is kept to a bare minimum. Products are poured into amber glass containers that don’t only look good, but also protect the quality of each soap or sanitizer against environmental contaminants and light damage. Bottles can eventually be sent off for recycling at local facilities or repurposed within the home (very stylish vases!).

More than just another beauty or health brand, Soeder is working proof that the simplest things can often be the very best for you and the world around you.

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