Transform your home into a safe haven where you can center and focus on recharging.

With all the uncertainty we have faced in recent months, we all aim to feel calm and reassured. A lot of self-care gurus have been offering everything from calming natural brews to different modes of yoga.

For us at Helvetia and Sons, we believe that having your own personal safe haven – a cocoon where you can detach and refresh yourself – is crucial when it comes to detoxing from the chaos around you and allowing your mind and body to get a good reset.

So, how do you do this? We recommend some soothing routines and personal rituals creating a calming zone for yourself within your home.


Purify Your Space

It’s one thing to clean your space, but have you considered purifying it? No, this is totally different from sanitizing the space: that’s physical, and we’re talking about clearing negative energies from the room.

This is where aromatherapy solutions usually come in: not only you get to freshen the air in the space, by diffusing a soothing scent throughout the room, but you also clear your mind from the day’s negativity and enable your body to relax and breathe a little easier.

Helvetia and Sons Scented Candles Sage

Most people have oil burners, reed diffusers, or combination humidifier-diffusers that use essential oils, but burning one of our beautifully fragranced Helvetia and Sons scented candles  or any candle infused with herbs like lavender, bergamot, neroli, and sandalwood helps is a much quicker and less messy way of refreshing your space.


Be a Bathing Beauty

Even if you only have a shower stall in your home, that shouldn’t be an excuse not to turn bath time into a pleasurable ritual that both cleans the body and soothes the soul.

Pamper yourself with a selection of fine toiletries that will help make your skin clean and supple and your hair shine. We love products from  Soeder  (made in Switzerland) for this, and it’s also organic, so you needn’t worry about messing with Mother Nature.

Afterwards, dry off with a plush towel from Zig Zag Zurich which also sports playful designs that will add a hint of whimsical fun to your day.


Helvetia and Sons Soeder

 Helvetia and Sons ZigZagZurich So much more from Switzerland


Pretty Accents to Perk You Up or Dress up for the Fun of It!

After that refreshing bath, your mood will certainly have livened up and you’ll need a few lovely touches to make your outfit pop – even if you’re working at home or just spending a lazy day in. Pull your hair back with some of our nice accessories from our recently-launched Everyday Luxe  line and see how these perky trinkets boost your mood further.


Helvetia and Sons Swiss Design


Plus, to keep yourself safe, healthy, and stylish, complete your preventive gear with our beautifully designed Viroblock masks which add a hip touch to self-protection. 


Eat Your Way to Wellness

Now, not to be preachy, but self-care does not mean self-indulgence. While a bar of (Swiss) chocolate is a nice treat once in a while, it shouldn’t be a substitute for delicious mood-boosting and revivifying meals.

Even a simple soup or salad can be a source of great comfort, particularly when shared with family and friends. You could also brew up a pot of tea (or a pitcher-full of iced tea, given our humid weather) and sip your cares away.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tablescape? Be sure to serve your meals in either a stunning matched set of dishes or a playful mix of mismatched but pretty bowls and saucers. We have a fine selection from enSoie to choose from, as well as useful kitchen equipment to help you make nice meals.


Helvetia and Sons enSoie ceramics


Yes, we’re all weary from the time at home but brighter days are ahead of us! And as long as we take good care of ourselves, not just in the ways we have suggested, but also in a mental and emotional context, we can weather this and come through stronger, calmer, and happier.