A Magic Zurich Christmas with Adrienne and Dominique

A Magic Zurich Christmas with Adrienne and Dominique

A Zurich Christmas with Adrienne and Dominique

Join us for a magical Christmas trip to Switzerland: Our friends Dominique and Adrienne von Albertini, the dynamic duo behind iconic shoe brand Tiger Swiss share the traditions that they enjoy for the Holidays and some insider tips when visiting Zurich.

We hope that this warm little read adds a touch of Swiss Gemütlichkeit to your own Yuletide celebration.


What personal traditions do you have for the Christmas Season?

Well, we really love to have a Christmas tree with special baubles and figurines. Actually, we buy a new ornament every year, one that best describes the past year. This year it’s a fugu (pufferfish), just because the year was - again - a bit on the edge, just like eating fugu


For the past twelve years we've been celebrating together, we almost know which year we got each figurine and the story behind it. For the year we took over Tiger Swiss, we have a little Tiger shoe with a big red pompom on top. 

Helvetia and Sons Tiger Swiss


This year, we also want to start a new tradition: to invite all our friends for a quick pre-Christmas celebration on the 23rd; we will see if we can make this happen this year. The 24th is always for family, with fondue Chinoise, red wine, and the best tiramisu from my mom. 

Are there any local [Zurich] traditions that you grew up with that you continue to enjoy or uphold even today?

Walks through Zurich’s old town, extended forest walks in the Dolder region with Aurelie (our French bulldog, the only family member who is fond of the cold weather) - and once punch, now mulled wine at the Lindenhof watching the Märlitram passing Limmatquai. 

Fortunately, it is still a tradition that children share their singing skills while wearing their Tigerfinkli with others at Christmas. Hence we are very busy with the distribution before Christmas and, unfortunately, this gives us little time for pre-Christmas activities.

Helvetia and Sons Tiger Swiss

Are there any special events for your brand for the Season?

For some years now, we have been launching a special edition of our Originals before Christmas. This year, we present the Tiger in blue velvet.

For you, what makes Christmas special and magical?

Oh, it’s always a time to reflect, to cherish what we have. To think about others, to give something to others and to open our hearts. The colder it is outside, the warmer we must be inside. Christmas for us is a feast of bringing together what belongs together: humanity and love. 

Let's say I am a traveler who makes his/her way to Zurich for the Holiday Season. What are the sights and attractions I shouldn’t miss?

Well, it always depends on the traveller as the opportunities are endless. For families, a must-do is the Christmas market in Bellevue where there are a lot of activities both in the daytime and evening. Everything there is so beautifully made, good food and nice shops - if the sparkle there doesn't kindle your Christmas spirit, then you must be a Grinch!

For couples I recommend going for a couple of rounds in the Dolder ice rink then Glühwein, another two rounds of skating, and then off to the Fondue Chalet at Hotel Zurichberg just ten minutes from Dolder. It's very romantic and always fun. If you have more time you could also consider a half-day spa pass at The Dolder Grand for some cosy cocooning.


For singles looking for meaningful encounters, going to the Landesmuseum in the evening is super nice. Just next to it is Restaurant Spitz which has quite a superb bar.


How can I experience a truly Swiss Christmas for myself?

Best would be in a little hut in the mountains where a little fire burns in the hearth. It would be snowing outside, and you are expecting friends and family to trek in for a nice roast or fondue Chinoise. One or two pairs of Tigerfinkli would also add 100% Swissness to your Christmas.




About Tiger Swiss

Best known for its beautifully crafted children’s shoes, Tiger Swiss is one of the most beloved Swiss brands and its fame has spread across the globe. Founded in 1938 by cobbler Edi Glogg in Zurich, it continues to uphold its long-standing tradition of quality and comfort through the use of breathable natural materials and superb workmanship. Adrienne and Dominique, the owners of Tiger Swiss are based in Zurich and manage the business with endless passion and love!  



Photo Credits: Zurich Tourism @visitzurich, Tiger Swiss, Chalet Zürichberg